Improve Your Conversion Rate by Building An Enticing Lead Capture Page

Improve Your Conversion Rate by Building An Enticing Lead Capture Page

Quick sales are great but most times you have to earn a consumers trust before they buy from you. This is where the Lead Capture Page comes in. In fact, each page on your website should have a capture mechanism. Capturing means that you have a legal way of obtaining the names and email addresses of visitors to your website. It is sensible to believe that one of the reasons visitors to your site landed there because they did a search on a phrase or keyword obtained in your website content. The landing page or sometimes called a Lead Capture Page, home page, squeeze page or sales page must have an opt in auto responder sign-up form. NO EXCEPTIONS!


That’s right; your website should have a Newsletter. If you’re saying “what I’m I going to email my market about?” you obviously don’t know enough about your Market or business. If you’re thinking “Yeah, I’ll try to sell my list something in every email”, you need help learning how to administer a Marketing Newsletter. Your market wants to know what new information and hot topics of interest they would other wise have to search the net to get. Your market also wants FREE stuff, discounts, coupons, etc.

Improve Your Conversion Rate by Building An Enticing Lead Capture Page

You must have a way to keep in touch with your market. This is how most online Millionaires continue to earn thousands of dollars a day.


First, we build a huge email list of people who are interested in our product or service. We continue to give our list no cost information and every once in a while free gifts. Then after a year of building a huge list we send out an email describing a RELEVANT product for sale which has bonuses if purchased by a certain time. Since the email list is new (but huge) the product may sell for $47.00.

Now, everyone has there own definition of “huge” but for simplicity sake lets say “huge” is a list of 1500 subscribers. If 100 subscribers purchased your AWESOME product at $47.00 that’s $4700.00 in your bank account.

The hardest part to this is finding a market and having the patience and discipline to consistently advertise to your market so you can build a “huge” opt in email list.

If you build an opt in list and try to sell something in every email people will unsubscribe without hesitation. You have to build trust by sending list emails of value preferably something that gives them more information about your product or service. Remember, your Lead Capture Page content as well as your offer is what entices your market to subscribe.

The content of your capture page should:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Discuss what you are promoting.
  3. Discuss HOW what you’re promoting will benefit the reader.
  4. If your landing page is used to get subscribers to your list; offer them something at no cost that is related to your website. This will make it worth their while to sign-up to your list.
  5. If you’re selling something then you will need steps 1-3 and offer a bonus(s) related to what you’re selling and that will turn window shoppers into buyers.
  6. Stress urgency to close the deal.

Unless you have a huge marketing budget I suggest you learn how to research your market and write your own Lead Capture Page content. Not only will you save your self a bundle but the savings can be spent on other marketing efforts or software (I suggest buying software). Once you start to earn a steady income you can hire someone to research and write your content. The best part is that you will know exactly what you need them to do and you will recognize when they aren’t doing it.

If you were to hire someone and you don’t have any experience yourself you have no idea whether the information your getting is golden.

Most people don’t realize how little it costs to build a website. What you can make off of the website will pay for any up front costs. Here is a list of what it will cost to start your Internet empire.

  1. Domain name can be obtained for as low as $9.00 per year (I use
  2. Web development software can be found for $200.00 ( I use MS Expression and Dreamweaver)
  3. Web hosting can be found for as low as $7.00 a month (I use
  4. Paypal account can be set up for free. Cost per transaction is little to nothing.
  5. An Autoresponder can be found for $14.50 per month (I use

I have a B.S. in eBusiness, I’ve taken a web development course and self taught myself to use many web development tools and applications. I do not market myself out as a web developer. Although I’ve been known to build a few simple sites for people and give them away (they had to get their own hosting and domain name). Web developers charge upwards of $100.00 per page and $75.00 per hour for updates. You do the math.

Don’t fall for Internet Scams that advertise they have found a shortcut to obtain Riches.

If your efforts to advertise your business have not produced the results you feel you expected I suggest a different marketing approach. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel just do what successful Internet Marketers do (build a huge list of targeted opt in email subscribers).

There is no better way to obtain a huge email list of responsive opt in subscribers than through an enticing Lead Capture Page. Get my 114 page report that will show you how to capture and retain your market.


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