About Us

With more than a thousand content companies shouting the same topics at roughly the same time, it is not shocking that many companies’ efforts go unnoticed – their voices are drowned in deafening, attention seeking sites whose main motive is to get clicks on ads. Some of the readers who tell us their experiences have mentioned the feeling of being on a solely reading focused platform. It encourages bookmarking and repeat visits that eventually become a long term relationship.

Unlike other businesses, ours is one slow and only attainable through careful following of processes that take discipline. We’ve never scared away from process, in fact, we have attained more than a hundred thousand subscription readers in the little time we have been active. We say little because the content world is really a long game and even a decade is but equivalent to a few days to an industry that has no expiry date.

Rehearsing the methods that work and making sure each article gets published having implemented the ways that bring great results, this is how religious we get given that even one bad content piece holds the power to tear all previous successful efforts down the drain.